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March 30, 2016

Cultural diversity has shaped my identity. Growing up through many different cultures,
they all took a role in shaping who I am today.
Prior to entering first grade, my family immigrated to Chicago from Korea. On the first
day of school, I couldn’t help but notice the different cultures of my classmates; mainly African
American and Hispanics.
Throughout my first years in school, I had to overcome my adversary not being able to
speak English. Constantly rejected and bullied for being different, I despised living here. But I
made continuous effort in making friends. By playing soccer, I grew a close relationship with a
Hispanic friend who taught me the Mexican culture.
As I was slowly fitting in, my family moved to the suburbs of Chicago. I had to cut my
ties, and move on. Instantly, I noticed there weren’t any Hispanics or African Americans. Mostly
white students that was academically skilled and financially prosperous.
In middle school, popularity roamed the hallways, and I was again desperately trying to
make new friends. But I learned to make many friends by playing basketball in my community.
By the high school came by, our family had to move again. To Hawaii. I couldn’t believe
it. I didn’t want to move. After all that hard work of finally settling in, I had to give it up, again.
But instead of taking it as a negative change, I realized I could impact Hawaii from my
experiences. Upon enrolling in Kalani, I reached out to students who were going through what I
went through.
However through my adversaries, I learned that one day you’re going to have to let some
things go, but you’ll always get new opportunities. If it weren’t for the multiple times I had to
move, I never would’ve thought I could meet that many different people. I got the opportunity to
converse with cultures all over the spectrum and even hear their story.

continuous experience of diverse cultures, I never would’ve known of who I am today.

Today, I am experiencing the welcoming spirit of Aloha. If it weren’t for the
continuous experience of diverse cultures, I never would’ve known of who I am today.


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