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March 30, 2016

Diversity is described on as, “the state or fact of being diverse.” Although that does sound right, it doesn’t really give the full effect of the word diversity. So let’s go in depth as to what diversity really means. Diversity really means the inclusion of different races, religion, sex, origin, wealth, sexual orientation, and more. It’s basically a bunch of different people coming together. Sounds easy enough. But it’s a lot more difficult than that. Because say a white man, doesn’t agree with a muslim man, for whatever reason, neither of those people can be in that group, you can’t really have an as diverse group anymore. But why don’t those people like each other? I couldn’t say, but they don’t. The reason it really doesn’t make sense to me is that people see these things like race, religion, and origin as barriers between them and that person. It makes them think that they are a different subspecies of human, like how the finch and a pigeon are both birds but a different species. A white man and a black man are both humans. A Christian man and Muslim man are both humans. We are all humans, which is why it’s important we stick together. So before you judge someone remember, that person is a human just like you.

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