Kamakawiwo’ole hits record 31 pts


Kamalu Kamakawiwa'ole (12) drives to the basket in the final minutes of the fourth quarter in the Lady Falcons game against Castle on Dec. 12 at Kalani High School. The Falcons won 75-47 in a hard-fought game against the Knights. Kamakawiwa'ole led with 19 points, followed by Kalena Halunajan (10) with 17 and Heidi Kishaba (12) with 13 points. It was a physical game between the two schools. Kalani got into foul trouble early in the 2nd quarter but ended up winning by 28 points. Photo by Serena Wong 2018.

Brianna Martin, Sports

On Jan. 5, Kalani Girls Varsity played Kaimuki on their court. Kalani won with a large gap of 37. The final score was 69-32.

Kalani started with the lead, scoring 15 points in the first quarter. In the second quarter, Kalani scored 31 points, bringing the gap to 32.

Star player Kamalu Kamakawiwo’ole scored a whopping 31 points. Kamakawiwoole took control of this game after sitting out for two weeks due to a nose injury.

“We used the plays that we normally do, cutting and driving,” Kamakawiwoole said.

The second-highest scoring player, Kalena Halunajan, scored 12 points this game.

“The game was good and I’m glad that we won,” Halunajan said.

All of the players were happy with the game outcome and most of them were happy with how well they played.

“Kaimuki was the best game that we played,” Kamakawiwo’ole said. “I played really aggressive that game, so that’s why it was my favorite game.”