Secret Menu Items at McDonald’s Reviewed

Lin Meyers, Voices

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A fry is dipped in Big Mac Sauce from McDonald’s “secret menu’. Photo by Lin Meyers 2019.

Recently, I was introduced to the McDonald’s Secret Menus with items including desserts, sides, and main dishes. I chose to get the Big Mac Sauce on the side. 

The saltiness of the fries balances with the tanginess of the sauce. The sauce with the fries blended well together and the sauce didn’t overpower the taste of the fries. 

The sauce had a balance of salty and sourness. Inside the sauce, there are chunks of pickled cucumber and onions mixed into the mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, and a hint of spice. 

When you add a fry to the mix your taste buds will be amazed. The crunchiness and saltiness of the fries mixed with the crunchiness of the cucumbers and onions and the sourness from the vinegar makes you want to eat more. 

The price was a steal, too. It was FREE!

Another item from McDonald’s “secret menu” is the Neapolitan Shake. This is a blend of chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla ice creams. Photo by Lin Meyers 2019.

The second item that I tried was the Neapolitan Shake. This is a blend of chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla ice creams. The sugary goodness was amazing on my tastebuds. 

The drink looks like a layer of chocolate on the bottom, strawberry in the middle, and vanilla at the top (as shown in the picture).

Once you take your first sip, you get a burst of chocolate. The next sip is a mix of chocolate and strawberry. The third sip is a mix of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. 

The smoothness and sweetness will make you finish the drink in a heartbeat. The texture was a mix of ice cream and milk. 

I recommend this to people who like creamy milk or ice cream and have a sweet tooth. This drink will not disappoint.