Aimless Lyrics Cause the Downfall of Aries’ Sophomore Album


Lauren Vierra (12) listens to Aries’ sophomore album on Musi while she studies during Advisory. Photo by Reyn Machida.

Reyn Machida, Voices

Born on April 18, 1998, Aries is a singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, CA. Originally born in Kansas, he moved to Southern California during his childhood. Believe in Me, Who Believes in You is Aries’ sophomore album. He hopes to impress with 12 songs on the album after exclusively releasing singles over the past two years. 

Although, this is not the case. Nearly every song in the album seems to be plagiarizing one another. The songs are repetitive. I would like to see Aries have a broader variety of songs in his album. An example of this would be Olivia Rodrigo’s Sour. She shows her musical capabilities by having slow, heart-wrenching songs like drivers license and pop and upbeat songs like good 4 u. As we know that Aries has spectacular musical talent due to his YouTube channel, it is very disappointing that his songs seem repetitive. If Aries diversified his musicality and song-making abilities a bit more, he would become the next big hit. 

The music production throughout the album is catchy with funky, but smooth melodies but the lyrics are lacking. As an Aries fan, I have to be disappointed. He claims that his work ethic completely changed for the better for this album, but the song lyrics have nothing to show for it. The majority of the time the lyrics are pointless. 

Money in the safe, money in the safе

Ugly by the mouth, Barbie in the facе

Won’t you freak it out for a minute

Turn around, I’ll prolly take an hour or less.

My favorite songs from the album are KIDS ON MOLLY, ETA, and ONE PUNCH, while the rest is a let-down due to the dull and aimless lyrics.