October 29, 2015

Kalani High School’s registration for 2015 will take place on December 2nd. It is an even day, and registration will take place during the last 45 minutes of Advisory. On the first week of November, forms will come out describing the different electives and classes that students will be able to take.

Classes will be assigned to students on a first come first serve basis. Classes such as Photography, Ceramics, Spanish and Health and Nutrition are very popular. Health and Nutrition will only be offered to 30 students. While the demand may be high, teachers cannot sign the registration form before December 2nd. Mr. Hirasaki (the school registrar) offered some advice for students interested in those classes: “Go to those classes first on registration day, and put that class as your number one choice on your form.” He also said that older students get first choices, because he wants to provide opportunities to the students that may have not taken those classes before.

There are new classes that are going to be offered for students on campus next year. These classes include piano, computer science, AP computer science, and AP Psychology. There will be no new courses offered for math or for any language class.

Mr. Hirasaki also gave some information about planning your high school career and deciding what AP classes to take. Counselors will go around to classes and teach students about making a plan for the future. “Talk to your counselors about whether or not to take AP classes or running start,” Mr. Hirasaki said. He said that AP classes are good for if you plan to  go to a mainland college, and Running Start is good if you plan on staying in Hawaii. He also advised students to look at the minimum number of AP classes that the college you’re interested in requires. “Plan now, and really consider if AP classes are for you or not. Don’t take them just because your friends are doing it.”

Finally, Mr. Hirasaki gave some advice for senior year. “Seniors should plan on having a full schedule if they don’t have a job or if they’re not doing Running Start. It’s better to have electives rather than free periods because at least you’ll be able to make the best of your education and learn something while you’re here.” He advises students to balance their schedules throughout their high school careers in order to prevent the boredom that arises from having a free period on campus. He also wants students to consider taking a fourth math or science, even if they aren’t required classes.

Registration is a time for students to think about their future in high school and what they plan on taking before they graduate. It is also an opportunity for students to take electives that are interesting, and give them an opportunity to build on their skills and passions for college. Students will have the opportunity to build their schedules on registration day on December 2nd.

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