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Jett Neely’s thoughts

December 3, 2015

Peace is about tolerance. You don’t have to like someone, you don’t have to agree with what they believe in, you just have to tolerate it. Just because you don’t like something about someone that doesn’t give you the right to change them by any means. I can guarantee there’s something they believe in that you don’t agree with, and you’re not going to force them to change. At the end of the day if everyone just tolerated everyone else’s beliefs, and let them worship who they want, marry who they want, or do what they want then there would be a lot less fighting. The reason peace is important is because we need it to advance ourselves as a species. If we’re too busy fighting each other, how are we gonna find a cure for cancer, or Ebola, or HIV? How are we going to explore space, the final frontier? How are we going to secure a future for the next generations of people if we’re too busy fighting? As a nerd, I point to Star Trek as an example. They had to find world peace before they could become so technologically advanced, before they could build starships that could travel light years in seconds. If we’re too busy fighting there will be no future. If we don’t find tolerance for each other we will never ever find peace, if we don’t find peace we will never have a future as the human race.

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