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Ka Leo O Kalani

The student news site of Kalani High School

Ka Leo O Kalani

The student news site of Kalani High School

Ka Leo O Kalani


From the Koko Head Ridge you can see the Koko Head Crater Botanical Gardens and the Hawaii Kai past it. The sun had just risen in the photo so for the first time in that morning hikers were able to see the town, gardens, ocean, and other mountains clearly.

The Biodiversity of Hikes Around Oahu

Olivia Kulaga, Photojournalism
October 21, 2022
A magenta and white Pukanawila blooms in the wild. This plant is also known as Bougainvillea, according to Instant Hawaii, and was brought over to the islands by missionaries in the early 1800s. Pukanawila was initially discovered in Brazil, and its colors can range from purple, white, orange, red, and yellow.

A Glimpse Of Hawai’i Through Flora

Isa Taylor, Photojournalism
October 18, 2022
Kalanis bowling team waits for their bus after a long three-hour match on Thursday, Sept. 22. The time was approximately 8:20 p.m. when I captured this photo. I decided to take this photo to highlight things you dont notice when youre moving too fast. Before this, I bowled one of the weakest matches of my season, so I was feeling overwhelmed and disappointed. I went to the bathroom, stood in the stall, and took a minute to try and recuperate before being presented in front of everyone again. While waiting, one of my friends took me on a walk (unknowingly about my feelings).e went back to the group when I saw the K-Bay Lanes sign lit up so beautifully. Ive only seen it in the daylight, so it made me feel better when I saw its red shine through. It made me think of the sign and not what was consuming me in my head.

Taking in the Little Moments

Kylie Tanimura, Photojournalism
October 18, 2022
High school sophomore Christynne Devera looks up at the camera with makeup in her lap. Devera has faced anxiety and insecurity throughout her life and every day is a constant struggle. Anxiety has affected my decisions and how I act,” Devera says. However, self-consciousness among teens is not uncommon. In fact, DoSomething states that over 70% of teenage girls 15 to 17 years old skip regular activities due to the fact that they feel insecure.  Despite the battle against a negative mindset, Devera uses make-up as an escape and a way of expressing and exploring her self-worth. “Makeup has helped me boost my confidence by showing myself what can be and how I look at my very best,” Devera expresses.

Teens & Self-Esteem: A Photo Series

Azriel Badon, Photojournalism
October 18, 2022
A pacific golden plover (Pluvialis fulva) and a house sparrow. Though many of Kalani’s birds are socially well adapted, the plover is one exception. Called kōlea in Hawaiian, aptly meaning “one who takes and leaves,” it is largely solitary in nature. In this rare instance, the plover relents to share a piece of bread with the sparrow, though not before several failed attempts to scare the latter away.

A Bird Watcher’s Guide to Kalani

Virgil Lin, Photojournalism
October 17, 2022
People gather around at Diamond Head lookout to view the lunar eclipse. On Sunday, May 15, the Earths shadow covered a full moon, forming a lunar eclipse, a rare sighting occurring only about three times a year, according to the Natural History Museum.

Hawai’i Witnesses Rare Eclipse

Azriel Badon, Photojournalism
May 25, 2022

Watermelon Bomb

April 14, 2022
A cluster of tents formed by houseless families and individuals is seen at 350 Sumner St., in front of the Institute For Human Services. Sadly, the homelessness issue is no stranger to the city of Honolulu. According to the shelter Point-in-Time (PIT) there has been a gradual rise in homelessness in Hawaii, increasing about 37% from 2009 to 2016. Although the 2021 PIT was canceled due to the pandemic, homelessness coordinator Scott Morishige predicts a steady increase if the state and city migration efforts are ineffective. Since COVID-19, more people have lost their jobs or are struggling financially. Fortunately, a new homeless shelter is being constructed from an abandoned building at 806 Iwilei Rd.

Homelessness on the rise in Hawaii

Azriel Badon, Photojournalism
March 10, 2022
The track, locker rooms, and gym are located at the entrance to Kalani High School. This photo embodies our school because it showcases sports and athletics, which are vital to Kalani as many students participate.  This photo figuratively represents the athletic department, which you could consider to be Kalani’s pride.

Athletics Are Kalani’s Pride

Alika Gusman, Photojournalism
February 25, 2022
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