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March 30, 2016

The word “diversity” could have a thousand different meanings pertaining to specific things. When I hear the word “diversity” I instantly think of my culture. I come from a Japanese, Portuguese, Hawaiian, German, and Mexican background. Growing up, I was exposed to a unique culture that I didn’t really appreciate until now. I learned that the diversity factor only differs to an extent. We are all different on some level, but underneath it all, we are linked together, and that’s the glory of it. Within our different backgrounds, we incorporate them into one as a whole, gaining knowledge and being able to connect to multiple other groups of people, in ways not everyone can. Diversity doesn’t only apply to your racial background, it can virtually apply to anything, but if you think about it, culture is the most elaborate of them all. Cultural diversity isn’t always about what you look like, it could also be about food, religion, activities, stories, etc. However, these differences shouldn’t create a divide between people, because looking past all that at the bigger picture, we are pretty much all the same. So for the many of us who shy away our unique culture, embrace it, because it’s what makes you, you.

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