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March 30, 2016

On my first Chinese New Year in China I was awakened by the smell of Jai in the air, the sound of Chinese music playing, and the sound of New Year Day greetings occurring in the household. As I wandered through the house in my awoken daze, I remember seeing good luck charms all over the place. It reminded me of Christmas morning back in America, where we created our memories and spent time with family together.  All these traditions that followed reminded me of diversity. Diversity’s dictionary definition means, “the state of being diverse; variety” and this was what I have right now. Being able to have two different cultures affect me as well as my family. Being able to go to eat dim sum for brunch and have during dinner shows that anyone can be diverse. Being different is often seen as bad as you could stand out from the crowd but it doesn’t matter because in reality nobody really cares. Be diverse as you want to be and stand out if you want to. No one is going to remember what you wore or what you ate 5 years from now, they will however remember the culture you showed them.

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