The pressure to drive

May 19, 2017

Almost every teenager can’t wait to get their hands on a driver’s license; all that freedom to go wherever you desire, not having to wait for your parents, and gaining that independent status you’ve been dreaming of since you were a child. However, driving today is very dangerous and more parents are hesitant about allowing their teens to drive. Is getting your license early really worth it though?

     Driving is a lot more than steering a car and pressing the accelerator, it can actually be very overwhelming, because of the great responsibility that comes with it. The responsibility can be things like making sure your car is clean to always making sure you have enough gas, or other things like taking responsibility for an accident. So if you feel like you’re mature enough to take on that type of responsibility, then driving early might be for you.

Aside from the anxious teens, there are also those who prefer waiting and are taking advantage of the privilege that is being able to be driven around by licensed adults. “It’s an inconvenience and I’ll have to drive my younger brother around” said an anonymous source. Here on O’ahu, we have the largest bus system in the state, and that is transportation for a lot of students, and many don’t mind bussing around or feel the need to have to learn how to drive.

There are-of course-teens that do enjoy driving, and found their life to be a lot easier, in terms of getting to where they need to be without waiting around for a bus or parents. Junior, Edward Lee says “driving is incredible. It’s the definition of freedom for a teenager. However, freedom is a double edged sword; It can either harm a person or help them.”

There is no rush to learn how to drive, especially if it seems like everyone is doing it. On the other hand, if you’re ready and aware of the responsibilities, then go for it!

Now, if you’re really ready to take on the role of being a driver, remember these things:

-must be 15 ½ to get your permit

-must take drivers ed if you’re under 18

-you must have your permit for six months and 50 hours of driving to be able to take a road test

-at 16, you can be able to get a provisional license

-the youngest you can be to obtain a full unrestricted driver’s license is 17

-be safe, responsible, and don’t rush

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