What’s so great about the Kalani Health Academy?

May 19, 2017

Ever thought of having a career in the medical field? Did you always wonder where you could start learning the basics of being in a medical profession? Are you a student in Kalani High School? Well if you ever thought of these 3 questions and said yes to them, the Health Academy is the right place for you. Many people always ask where to start learning of ways to help save people’s lives and how to assess whether they are able to help them or not. The Health Academy helps you to acquire these skills needed in order to do so. There are a number of things that will be taught if you do decided to take and participate in this class, such as: Assessing blood pressure, CPR, stitching an open wound, bandaging a cut or an open wound, finding a person’s pulse, and many other things. Of course, the lessons that I have just talked about is just the first year of taking health Academy. There are still 1-2 more years of Health Academy if you are planning to even further your knowledge of being in a medical profession. So if you are in the area check the class out, and remember, the Kalani Health Academy is a class which prepares you for the future of saving people’s lives, and not just about a class which gives you a grade.
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