Homecoming-Class competition

September 1, 2015

Homecoming is an iconic and well anticipated event at any high school. A large part of Homecoming at Kalani High School is the class competition that occurs during the spirit week, assembly and the pep rally. At these competitions, all four classes compete against each other in the attempt to win and earn bragging rights. This year, Homecoming week will begin on Monday, August 31st, with the pep rally and assembly occurring on September 1st and 4th, respectively. The Kalani Falcons will go against the Roosevelt Roughriders at Kaiser Stadium on September 5th. This year’s Homecoming theme is Disney and each class is assigned a different movie.

Class of 2016 – “Lilo and Stitch”

Class of 2017 – “The Incredibles”

Class of 2018 – “Alice in Wonderland”

Class of 2019 – “Aladdin”

Long before Homecoming, in the month of August, the leadership team begins the preparations. One of the things they do is film a video. There’s an overarching theme for Homecoming and each class is assigned a character or movie from said theme. From there, the classes film themselves performing a skit related to the theme. Another huge part of the preparation process is creating the banner that will be displayed during the assembly and the football game itself. This banner usually has the graduating class’s year and something related to the theme. The banner is used as a visual representation of the entire class. Finally, the leadership spends time choreographing the dance for the pep rally during this month. Often times, this dance relates heavily to the homecoming theme.

Homecoming begins on Monday of spirit week. During this week, each class hangs up signs and flyers around the school. The officers prepare for the pep rally and assembly which occur during the week. On these days, the students of each class are commonly asked to wear red or their Kalani shirts. Students go to C-building to get counted, and the leadership classes keep track of which class had the most students wearing their shirts.

The next part of homecoming is the pep rally. Each class performs a dance in the gym in front of the school and a set of judges. The judges then chose who they believe had the best dance. The class who wins the pep rally competition gets to perform their dance at the Homecoming assembly.

At the assembly, the classes participate in many different activities against each other. First, there are a series of games that the leadership members compete in, mostly timed. Prior to the assembly, the leadership class is asked to make a video corresponding to that year’s theme. This video is then played at the assembly for the other classes to view. Next, a select group of people perform a special cheer created for their class in front of the whole school. Finally, the classes go head to head in a chant. The students of each class yells, “We got spirit yes we do! We got spirit, how ‘bout you?” and aim to be the loudest class in the gym. The teachers judge which class was the loudest and that class is ranked the highest.

Many students look forward to Homecoming season as it draws near. Between the pep rally, assembly and spirit week, the leadership plans an abundance of activities for their classes and fellow students. During Homecoming, the students at Kalani High School show their tremendous spirit and pride.

Last year, the seniors were in the lead with the juniors following close behind. The sophomores won the dance competition, and  they performed their dance at the Homecoming assembly. Last year’s theme was superheroes, which the classes used to their full advantage. This year, the classes are preparing to be the best possible and win Homecoming. Good luck to each class this year, and here’s to a fun and competitive Homecoming!

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