Koyo Senior High School

September 1, 2015


During the week of August 16, 2015 – August 23, 2015, students from Koyo Senior High School stayed in Hawaii with their host from Kalani High School. Koyo Senior High School is our sister school in Hiroshima. We have been doing this program ever since the partnership of Koyo Senior High School and Kalani High School started.


Five years ago, Governor Hiroshima wanted all high schools in Hiroshima to get a sister school. Koyo Senior High School was the first to make the sister school.This took three years and all high schools have most relationships within America but Hawaii is quite popular. But having relationships with schools in China and Korea or other countries have difficulty because of political and historical issues.


Koyo Senior High School choose a sister school in Hawaii because Hawaii is popular to Japanese people, safer place compared to other places, and many Japanese Americans are kind to Japanese people. Some people at Kalani High School have some connections to the Koyo Senior High School.


This sister school partnership presents opportunities for students from Hawaii and Japan to learn from each other while strengthening bonds of friendship, peace and tolerance between the United States and Japan. This program also helps to solidify the fellowship between schools as we continue to engage in correspondence and visits that promote a greater understanding of the cultures and social customs of both countries.


Students from Kalani High School that hosted a student from Koyo Senior High School will be going to Hiroshima in November this year.


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