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November 25, 2015

When I hear the word “peace” it strikes me as something hard to achieve, like asking a preschooler to repair a bike. Very unlikely, but also not impossible. The phrase “world peace” especially, when you think of it, you don’t have much confidence in it being a reality because there are a lot of people in this world. However, somewhere deep inside, you know that there is a sliver of hope, beneath all the bad that it is not inconceivable. Now, on a much more narrow scale, “peace” could be a personal meaning, being content, satisfied, and safe. This doesn’t just apply to an individual, but couples and groups as well. Harmony, love, fulfillment, unity, and reconciliation is what most consider peace to be.

Even though peace can’t be accomplished everywhere throughout the world, it’s still very important in our everyday lives. Think about a world without peace, there would be riots, massacres, violent protests, and other things along those lines daily, and not just in certain parts of the world, but everywhere. As the years go on, it seems as if these things are happening at a much more alarming rate. The importance of peace is to lower these levels of such abominable acts and to live together in tranquility. But until then, we must find peace within ourselves, before we go about with others, because without peace, nothing would work.

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