Lokahi Kanahele Starting Left Tackle

Brison Kim, Sports Writer

Lokahi Kanahele is a Junior at Kalani which gives him time to improve his skills. Being a starter on the Varsity Football team is a great accomplishment and Lokahi works hard to not let the Seniors down. He is the left tackle, an important role that protects the quarterback so he can throw the ball. Lokahi has matured a lot since his first 2 years playing for the Kalani JV team.

When asked how he feels about the Varsity team he said, “Being a part of the varsity football is awesome. We all matured from our time in JV and we are really in it to win it. I think that being part of our football team is unlike any other team because of the amount of time and hard work we put into practice daily and the adversity we face as a unit is unlike anything else.”      

When asked about being a starter on the team he said, “I am the starting left tackle on the offensive line. And I’m glad that I’m starting because I get a lot of playing time in the games. Also, I love being a starter because it motivates me to perform my best to ensure I remain on the starting line up”, Lokahi said.

“I just want to be better and keep on working on my technique, strength, and speed. After I improve my game and my overall athletic prowess then I’ll be able to achieve my main goal which is to perfect my part of the game. The game of football doesn’t work unless we the lineman do. So I want to perfect my craft to better the chances of a victory for the entire team,” Lokahi said.

Lokahi is working hard to be the best player he can be. He is also trying to improve because he has one more shot at the state title. He wants to improve so next year people can look up at him and he can show the younger classmen how to play. He says he will keep working, keep improving, and keep motivating others so the whole team could be there with him.