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The student news site of Kalani High School

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The student news site of Kalani High School

Ka Leo O Kalani


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Meet the Staff

Madeline Eakin is a freshman at Kalani. She enjoys dancing, baking, traveling, and hanging out with friends.

Scarlett is often found reading or watching movies. Her favorite book is A Clockwork Orange, and her favorite movie is The Lighthouse. She loves cats and going to concerts.

The Kalani Health Academy (HOSA) logo.
HOSA Seniors Lead CPR Event at Waialae Elementary
Lin Meyers, News • January 20, 2023

On Monday, Jan. 23, the Kalani Health Academy is hosting an event, OurBeat CPR at Waialae Elementary Public Charter...

A painting in watercolor of Mahsa Amini.
Iranian women protest restrictions, violence
Jasmine Rossiter, News • December 15, 2022

Since April 1983, wearing a hijab has been mandatory for women in Iran, four years after the Islamic Revolution....

Mr. Masuda, one of Kalani High Schools Japanese teachers holds up manga in front of a board with Japan’s prefectures in room C26. In class, students learn about the language and the culture.
Japan has deep roots in Hawaii, Kalani
Jack McLellan, Marvin Munroe, and Princeton Co November 14, 2022

Today, 14% of people in Hawaii have Japanese ancestry, and it has been a popular, sometimes imperative language...

Its World Cup season at Kalani High School.
It's World Cup season at Kalani
Kylie Tanimura, Editorial Cartoon • December 15, 2022

Here’s me posing for a picture before running the first leg of the 4x400m relay at the Hawaii State Track & Field finals on Saturday, May 14. (I was very nervous behind my smile.)
For the love of running (and winning hehe).
Ami Yamane, Blog • December 15, 2022

Hmmm, running. I used to hate it, but now, I love it. But really, I’m in it to win it.  My name is Ami Yamane....

The dish can be either a main or a side. Short-grained rice prepared with water colored from soaking achiote (annatto) seeds gives it a deep orange color.
A Unique Twist on a Beloved Dish
Isa Taylor, Blog • December 15, 2022

Rice is a common staple found in the cuisine of almost every culture, whether by itself or mixed with other ingredients...

How to SAFELY access the Dark Web
How to SAFELY access the Dark Web
Alika Gusman, Satire • March 10, 2022

Are you trying to commit credit card fraud? Hire a hitman as a prank? Well, I’ve got just the plan for you. Not...

Elden Ring’s starting area, Main Limgrave.
Local Teen’s Free Time Completely Eaten by Hit Game Elden Ring
Haruto Gannon, Satire • March 10, 2022

Elden Ring, FromSoftware Inc.’s new hit released on Friday, Feb. 25 on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms, has...

Our Modern World comic created and illustrated by Alana Nakafuji.
Our Modern World
Alana Nakafuji , Comics • March 9, 2021

JV Volleyball Season Wrap-Up
JV Volleyball Season Wrap-Up
Mia Nishiguchi, Sports • December 7, 2022

Students in the 9th and 10th grades were involved in the JV volleyball girl’s team this season. They all went...

Ikaika Nishitomi referees a wrestling match on Mat 3 between wrestlers from Mililani (wearing gold on his left shoulder) and Campbell (wearing orange on his thigh) on Dec. 7 at Kalani High School. In the background, two Mililani coaches yell shots to their school’s wrestler, watching him drive his opponent for a pin. The Kalani Falcons hosted this season’s first wrestling tournament. Thirty-one Falcons participated: 17 junior varsity players and 14 varsity players. For this Round Robin tournament, wrestlers competed in three rounds per match. High schools participating in the competitions take turns hosting the winter sport’s nearly weekly Saturday events. If you’re interested in supporting Kalani’s wrestling team, visit the school’s athletics website for the tournament schedule. Photo & caption by Saara Nicole Chadwick.
The wrestling season has begun, Kalani prospects look good
Azriel Togle-Wilson, Sports • December 7, 2022

Kalani High School winter wrestling is back in session, with a handful of freshman moving up from JV to Varsity.  “I’m...

Girls Volleyball Aims for Gold
Girls Volleyball Aims for Gold
Shya Morinaga, Sports • December 7, 2022

On Sunday, Oct. 16 Kalani’s Varsity volleyball season came to an end at Farrington High School’s gym for the...