Freshman artist hypes creativity

Rin Dong, Feature

Lyrics Fields sits on a bench outside of C building. He is a freshman at Kalani who hopes to pursue art as a career in the future.

As the bright red crayons scratched along the paper, young Lyric Fields (9) didn’t think as much, nor would he know that this would be the start of pursuing his dream career. 

He is currently taking General Art as a freshman, and, despite his passion for art, he says he zones out a lot in class.

“I guess it’s the guidelines,” Lyric says. ”It limits creativity. I like art when I can express and convey particular aesthetics and feelings.”

Lyric started drawing at six months old, then moved to digital art when he was 11, using a “crappy” tablet his dad provided. But this didn’t stop him from producing art in different styles. 

“I started art by tracing but stopped tracing and found my own art style,” Lyric says. “Your first art is gonna be crappy, but that’s good,

cuz if you continue, then you’ll get better.

If you talk to Lyric more, you will get a clearer perspective on him. Most people have the first impression of him on the first day of freshmen orientation, where he was sitting in the corner by himself, looking shy.

But, as any journey to achieve “successfulness” would be, there are roadblocks.

Digital fanart made by Lyric based on a character called Tomara from Eddsworld. “It’s unfinished, so I might add more touches like background,” Lyrics explains. (Rin Dong)

“Well, in the year 2021 (pandemic), I went through a realllyyy bad art block. Art block is something I struggle with, even now,” Lyric wrote. “It’s a feeling where I can’t draw no matter what idea or whatever I have. My way to overcome it is to enjoy the break (break as in not drawing), then come back when I feel like it.”

Lyric’s dream schools are Savanna College of Art and Design (SCAD in Georgia, the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York, and Calarts in California.  “If I’m lucky enough,” Lyric says. “I feel like it would be welcoming, SCAD, in particular, is very LGBT friendly so I think I would like it.”

“Lyric’s art is by far the most impressive I’ve ever seen. He wants to go to art college, and I support him 100%,” Lyric’s friend, Elijah LeBlanc (9), says.

Lyric has a solid plan for his future, going firm in pursuing his career in art.

“I plan after college to apply to Disney Tv animation to work on the shows that’ll be made around that time, then see what happens from there,” Lyric says. “If I get enough experience, I’ll pitch in my own show or make a comic book with my ocs (original characters).”