17-year-old influencer spreads positivity

Madeline Eakin, Feature

Katelyn Anime films a video at the beach for her Instagram account. (Madeline Eakin)

Content creation. Brand collaborations. Photo shoots. It’s an average day in the life of Katelyn Amine, a 17-year-old social media influencer with a following of over 13k on Instagram. As an influencer, unboxing products and taking pictures is all a part of her job, but it’s not just about the clout.

Amine’s content consists of fashion inspo, her favorite spots on Oahu, promoting brands she loves, and much more. Her main social media platform is Instagram, but she posts on TikTok, Pinterest, and YouTube, as well. She has been able to collaborate with dozens of brands like Vera Bradly, Fabletics, and Claire’s, as well as local spots like Mahina, Wet’n’Wild Hawaii, and Chambers Escape Games.

But Amine explains the thing she’s most passionate about is spreading positivity on social media through her love for photography. 

“Something I really love about being an influencer is being a part of a community that supports each other and spreads positivity, and it can just really make your day,” she says.

She is able to post content that resonates with her, that she knows will put more positivity on the internet and in people’s day. She explains that she likes to create content based on her love for various merchandise and activities.

“To me, it’s not about how many followers you have,” she says. “You can be an influencer no matter how many followers you have; you just need to have a goal in mind of what you want to do and portray that online.”

Her journey as an influencer started when she was fourteen years old, with around five hundred followers. She decided to reach out to a rubber band company and promoted it on her Instagram in exchange for free products. She explains that when she realized she enjoyed doing it, she knew “it was only the beginning.”

“I want my followers to experience the products and services that I love and believe in because I think they would love them too,” she says.

Three years later, with over 10k more followers, she’s still at it on social media and has been able to turn this hobby into a real job, as she now gets paid through collaborating with different brands. 

“When I reach out to work with a brand, it’s a brand that I already know and love because of their product or service, and I know they have good morals,” she says. “When brands reach out to me, I do a little bit of research about the company and I make sure their products align with my content and brand.”

Amine says that one way she was able to grow her account was by staying consistent. That means posting regularly and not giving up when things don’t go as planned.

“What helps me stay motivated is my creativity and ideas and the ability for me to be able to illustrate that online through my love for photography,” she says.

Amine is homeschooled, so she is able to create her own schedule, which makes it easier for her to manage her work. It can still be a challenge at times, but she explains that there is always room for family time in her schedule.

“Being a social media influencer can take up some time because I have to make sure I stay on top of my pitching to brands; I have to do a lot of emails, a lot of editing, photoshoots, and content creation,” Amine says. “Sometimes, I even set aside a whole day for just content creation, where I shoot a lot. But it’s all worth it because I really do love my job.”

Amine explains that she’s very grateful for her mom and sister, who not only support her but help her behind the scenes with things like taking pictures, giving her ideas, and driving her to her appointments. Amine explains that she likes to call her mother her “momager” because she’s not only her mom but she’s her manager, who helps manage her account as well.

“I’m very proud of her for going after her dreams and never giving up, and for constantly thinking of ways to grow and challenge herself,” her mom says.

Her sister is also very supportive of her and explains that she sees her “dedication” and “passion” for her job every day. 

“When Katelyn wants something, she will always strive to achieve it,” Kylie Amine says. “She really knows how to express herself on social media in an empowering way, and that’s one thing I really admire about her.”