Freshman Need a Voice, Too!


Jayson Nutt April 2016. Wiki Commons.

Macey Honjiyo, Student Life

All through our years of high school we often hear from upperclassmen and teachers telling the underclassmen things like “Pay your dues on time” “Grades matter” and, the ever-famous, “Don’t procrastinate or you’ll regret it.”

Well, it’s time for a change of pace. Hand over the microphone seniors, it’s the freshman’s turn.

In the following interviews two general questions were asked; “How is your freshman year going?” and “In the time you have spent in high school, what do you think future years will be like?”

To get the ball rolling, some awesome freshman were interviewed about high school life and what it brings. As awesome as these freshmen are, some asked to remain anonymous for this interview.

“So far, freshman year has been quite the struggle for me to keep my grades up. I think it’s really cool how all grade levels intermingle with each other.” Said student A

They also disclosed how amazing it is to have more freedom when it comes to the phone department. Student A thinks that their future years in high school will be “super hard for me considering that its mid-quarter and I’m already having a hard time.”

Even with that in mind, Student A wants to get more involved in sports and clubs to further submerge themselves in the school.

Up next, (drum roll please…) Student B. Man, these students really want to remain anonymous. “I think my freshman year is going good so far. Right now classes are easy so I think it’s fun but, I think later on everything will get harder. So I need to be prepared for that and work hard,” student B said.

Student B could not have stated it any better. In a bout of humor/seriousness student B said: “I will try my very best not to fail high school.”

In all seriousness, though our third interviewee Karen Park had an epic analogy for what she thinks high school life will be like.

“I think that it (high school) will be a roller coaster with twists and turns of trouble, but fun in a way of anything with friends and team members,” she said. I really couldn’t have said it better myself.

Raj Singh, or as I’d like to call him “Mr. Confident” had some pretty high hopes for the future.  “I think that the future years in high school are going to be very hard and with a lot of projects and tests but if I try and study I will be able to pass with ease.” He said His confidence is admirable.

Let’s take a dive into the deep end and learn a little more about what freshman think of high school. To get this insight Freshmen Kylie Omura and Taylor Pimento were interviewed.

“ My freshman year is going good so far. A couple of subjects that I struggle with but nothing unbearable.” Said Kylie

When asked about what she thinks Senior Year will be like she stated that “It will be stressful but also relaxed because I feel like the workload would be less cause you are supposed to have fewer classes but, also very stressed with college.” Truth be told that is how many seniors feel right now. Kylie really hit it on the nose with that one.

In regard to what her high school plan is, she says: “I don’t really have a high school plan. I do know I want to do Key club all 4 years and hopefully, do a sport for 4 years. I also want to take classes during the summer so the workload is less during the year.”

When Taylor was asked about how her freshman year was going she said “I came to high school thinking that I would have a horrible time and the work would be too hard for me to comprehend. Now my views on high school have changed. The work is quite a challenge for me but, nothing that I can’t do for the most part.”

This also ties into what she said about her high school expectations and how they have been met and not met in the best of ways. “I really hoped to make new relationships with people, getting in higher classes and getting good grades; which I’ve all done so far. But, at the same time from watching movies, you (would) think high school is this terrible place and basically a prison for kids.” Taylor was most glad that the prison part was untrue.

She says she thinks Senior Year will be the toughest year because it’s the last year for you to step up your grade point average. Also trying to find and get accepted into college doesn’t sound easy (fragment).

When both girls were asked about what they like about Kalani, they had very similar things to say. Taylor said “Something I like about Kalani is the students and faculty. I think that everyone is friendly and getting used to the school isn’t that hard.” Kylie says “I like how friendly people are at Kalani. Since I came from a different middle school (Niu Valley middle school) than most people. I don’t know a lot of people but everyone is pretty welcoming.”

In order to leave things on a lighter note, they were thrown a curveball and asked: “What do you think senioritis is?”

Both girls knew exactly what it is. Let’s just hope that keeps them from contracting it. Kylie said it’s “When seniors start to slack on (their) assignments and work and think they can relax for their last year.” Taylor said “Senioritis is when seniors are so fed up with school and just basically give up at that point.”

Are you listening now?

As a senior I don’t want to impart anymore of the so-called “knowledge” onto my underclassmen but I wish to instead leave you with this message. “A consequence is a result or effect of an action or condition, what we do now will always have consequences in the future.”