Kalani Senior Lives to Tell the Tale

How would your life change if you survived a near-death experience?


Photo by Kaimana Kalahiki 2016.

Chloe Anzai, Feature Writer

If you almost died, would you have a different perspective on things?

Most people would say yes, but that’s not the case with Kalani senior Trey Joslin.

Trey was out at Allen Davis on the reef when a wave came and knocked him over. “I was picking opihi. It was dumb to go out because it was high tide but I didn’t know because of lack of experience,” he said.

There was no feeling in his head. It was numb. He almost died but luckily the injury missed a major artery.

“It was an end of a needle kine close,” Trey said.

When asked if he would go back and change that day if he could, he replied: “Nope, cause I got a good story to tell and I learned a good lesson.”

Even though he experienced a traumatic, potentially life-changing situation, he does not view things differently.