Why Eddie Is Eddie


Eddie Salinas 2017.

Kaden Arias de Cordoba, Feature Writer

I interviewed our school’s only male cheerleader, Eddie Salinas. With this interview came interesting answers. My first few questions were about gymnastics.

“I did take gymnastics but I quit when I was younger because after every class I’d leave hating myself for how tired I was,” he said. “But now I take tumbling.”

Gymnastics lead to me asking about his flexibility. Like many students, I wondered if he was naturally flexible or if he has to train.

Photo 2017.

“I used to be very flexible when I was younger and in gymnastics but now I’m less flexible which is why I always stretch before I do anything,” he said.

When I was talking to him I asked him about why he wanted to become a cheerleader in the first place he had this to say.

“ I had experience in gymnastics and I wanted to explore more of what I could do.”

I also asked him what he thought about people who don’t like male cheerleaders.

“I like to think that they are either jealous of me and my flexibility or that they don’t know what it’s like to be a male cheerleader,” he said.

The last question I asked was what he thought about being the only guy on the team.

“I love being a cheerleader because I’m a guy and nobody really expects guys to be cheerleaders so all the attention usually goes to me,” he explained.

My interview with Eddie was brief but insightful and shows why Eddie is Eddie.