Orchestra Helps Students Grow In Class & Life


2016 Aloha Concert Star Wars Medley (Symphony) 2017.

Staff, Student Life

Orchestra is an elective at Kalani High School where students build their musical knowledge, individual talents, and skills as an ensemble. The class, taught by Mr. Akemoto, involves mostly group work.

“Mr. Akemoto will either work with the entire orchestra on a few pieces, or we will split up into our sections to work out difficult areas in different songs,” Orchestra student Ariel Wong said.

Mr. Akemoto always tells the students that he believes in them. Students said he takes time to teach everyone how to read the notes, understand the rhythm, and feel the music to produce a story. He also sometimes lectures and leads discussions.

Lessons help the students’ growth not only in class but also in the future, students said.

“You need to have prior experience in an orchestra before signing up for it,” Ariel said.

Wong said she would take the class again because she enjoys growing with her fellow musicians. She believes the lessons that students learn will help them in class and in life.

“Mr. Akemoto genuinely cares for his students and wants to watch us grow in the years that he has us,” Wong said.

2016 Aloha Concert Star Wars Medley (Symphony)