To stay or leave for college?


Brooke Nasser

The view of Oahu as seen from a commercial airliner flying into Honolulu International Airport on Dec. 24, 2021.

Maya Kawano, Editorial

It has been proven in a New York Federal Reserve study that college is an incredibly useful tool that can be beneficial and help set you up for success in the future. But everyone who decides to further their education needs to figure out if they’re going to stay at home or leave for college.

Some may argue that staying home and paying in-state tuition is worth it for the price.

“After high school, I chose to go away to UNLV. I came back home to KCC and feel that I’m still getting a quality education, especially for the lower cost,” student Jayna Wakatake said.

However, there are many scholarship opportunities that can be added to financial aid for those who qualify. If you really try to get as many scholarships as possible, college can be affordable. 

One of the benefits of going away for college is the independence you gain. Once you’re living on your own, you don’t have parents to cook your meals, wash your clothes, or be there in person to provide support. It’s a different experience having to fly from Hawaii than being from the mainland and driving to whichever school you want. When you move away, you’re there for a while on your own, without the same support system you had your whole life. You’re then forced to learn responsibility and gain social skills and courage.

“Living in the dorms is a beneficial experience. I learned many useful life skills that I know I will need in the future, which I wouldn’t have gained living at home,” first-year SDSU student Micah Kawano said.

Another benefit of going out-of-state to college is a fresh start. Coming from Hawaii, you’re less likely to know other students when you move to the mainland. You can choose to live your life however you want without any pressure from people in your past. With this freedom, you can give yourself the image you want.

Lastly, you’ll get to learn about yourself. When you aren’t told what to do, the decisions you make reflect on your character. Whether or not you can manage your time or even clean up after yourself can teach you the good from bad.

Overall, college is a positive experience you don’t want to miss. Choosing to move away is a big step in your life, and although it may be intimidating, there is so much to gain, including independence, a new beginning, and an opportunity to grow as a person.