What do dirt biking & judo have in common?

Chloe Anzai, Sports Writer

Have you ever wanted to try judo? How about dirt biking?

Well, Kalani junior Koby Kobayashi does both. He practices judo, both at school and for a club team and dirt biking on his own time with friends and family.

Koby wasn’t interested in judo at first but his parents pushed him toward it.

“My parents wanted me to,” he says.

Photo by Laura Fabella 2017.

He wants people to know that judo is not just kicks and punches.

“It’s a good sport and art to learn,” Koby says.

Koby has always been interested in dirt biking, and he does it every weekend. He says he got into it because his dad did it when he was a kid.

“It’s fun and a good workout,” he explains.

He finds both sports exhilarating and entertaining. Though hard work, he recommends people try them.