Tough loss for Boys Varsity Baseball

Wiki Commons 2018.

Wiki Commons 2018.

Brison Kim, Sports Writer

The Kalani varsity baseball team is off to a rough start for the season coming off of a hard loss to Kailua 1-0.

Kalani and Kailua are rival teams of the east and they knew they were going to be in for a long, close game. And it was tense. Each team’s pitcher shut down the hitters and both outfielders gave their best efforts.

”It will come down to the last innings,” junior Max Patterson said. “We knew we will have to fight to win this game and we just got unlucky in the end.”

Kalani’s Kekoa Gabriel was a major standout of the game, throwing hard-hitting balls so Kailua’s best hitters couldn’t do anything.

The game was looking to go into overtime until Kailua’s Bryson Ballesteros broke free and scored for the Roughriders to take the win. Bryson also had seven strikeouts that shut down Kalani’s best hitters. The Roughriders moved on at 2-0 while Kalani is still looking for their 2nd win of the season.

They are looking to bounce back and win their next game against Moanalua at their field.

“Outstanding job to Kekoa and hats off to Kailua,” Patterson said. 

Go Falcons!!!