An Argument Against Year-Round School

Trustan Kekauoha


“What are you excited about for the new school year and why?” Vox Pop by Trustan Kekauoha 2018.

Kaden Arias de Cordoba, Editorial

School is something that some kids love and some kids dread. Some think of it as a zombie that just won’t stay down but others think it’s their guardian angel.

Whether you think of it as a zombie or an angel, everyone loves summer break. You don’t have to wake up early and go to school for a few hours. You get to do whatever you want for the whole day.

Some people think summer break shouldn’t be as long as it is. Instead of a two-month break from school, they think it should be three weeks off and then right back to school.

There are certain things about year-round school that suggest it is beneficial but the truth is year-round school hurts kids’ education.

Advocates of year-round school say it helps with something called the “summer setback” but the truth is that kids still face summer setback even in year-round schools.

“Between 1985 and 2011, the number of U.S. schools with year-round learning increased ninefold,” according to a June 5, 2017 Business Insider article Year-round school is booming — but its benefits are over-hyped.

Parents are one of the main reasons year-round schools are becoming more and more popular. Most parents hear how year-round school gets rid of summer break but that’s not true. Year-round schools give kids three weeks in the summer and they still only have 180 days of school.

Parents don’t understand that most problems with kids not remembering things they’ve learned isn’t summer break, it’s how those kids spend their days. Even during school, kids forget things. Kids from lower and middle-income families don’t have similar home lives and that’s one of the main things that detracts from learning.

Year-round schools benefit low-income families by helping kids in areas struck with poverty stay out of trouble. Wealthier families can pay for summer camps and such during the summer but lower-income families often can’t. So instead of two months of staying at home and running the chances of the kids attempting illegal activities, those kids will instead be at school with only three weeks off during the summer.

Year round schools also promote that they help kids retain their knowledge. This, however, is not completely true. Kids will still forget because they are too busy being children. They won’t think about school or work that they did in class. They instead will be thinking about if they can see friends during the break or if they can go to the beach or pool.

Even on weekends kids who go out and have fun with friends or family forget about homework and school and things that they’ve learned in class during the week. This isn’t necessarily their fault — it’s that to these kids school is less of a priority.

Year round school doesn’t always get rid of summer setback. Kids can still be affected by it because they are kids. Learning is important… But to kids, it’s seen as a boring useless waste of time… Time they could be spending at the beach or with friends and year-round school won’t change that.