Campus Poll: What do teens think of current fashion trends?

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Lauren Vierra, Entertainment

Teens are all about appearance and fashion trends are a big part of that.

Question: “What do you think about tube tops, ripped jeans, fishnets, crop tops, plaid, denim button skirts, scrunchies, or combat boots?”

“I love tube and crop tops. It really depends on how ripped the jeans are” Lucille Sturdivant (11) said. She also commented on hating fishnets. “Plaid can be nice” and denim skirts are “good.” Lucille also loves scrunchies and says “they’re cute and fashionable” and thinks that combat boots are cool. Lucille had a final comment: “Doesn’t matter what brand of clothes, it just matters about the comfort and price.”

“It’s basic but if you want to wear them you can, maybe develop your own style?” sKaila Watari (9) said. “If you like it, wear it but to me, fashion is kind of iffy. Personally, I think true fashion looks like what celebs wear, like all sophisticated stuff, I think that’s what’s hot.”

“I think they’re all useless fads that show off the hormones of people nowadays rather than the past generations that don’t need to show off their skin to get likes,” Lauree Tam (9) said. “All the clothes people are wearing are really are just for others opinions for superficial attention.”

“I don’t really mind tube tops/crop tops,” Frankie Strom (9) said. “Ripped jeans can be cute too. Fishnets are okay but only performers and dancers should wear them though.” Frankie’s also happy that button-up denim skirts are making a comeback in current trends. She thinks that “scrunchies make your outfit basically” and that combat boots look “really dope” on everyone.

“Tube tops are confusing,” Jordan Griffin (9) said. “You could just wear a bra. It’s not worth the price. I’m aight with everything else.” She also repeated two words often: “within reason.”

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