Piano merges discipline & creativity


Students in Piano class practice on individual keyboards. Photo by Nikki Sakamoto 2018.

Ka Leo Staff, Student Life

Piano class at Kalani merges discipline and creativity. Students learn the fundamentals in Piano I and II and explore their own creative expression in Piano III and IV.

In the beginning, it’s all about the basics.

“You get to learn more about the keyboard itself and scales,” Annyssa Troy (10) said.

Many students noted that the class teaches patience and encourages students to conquer their fears.

“It helps with focusing better and paying more attention to details and I guess just making time to do things that are hobbies,” Amy Yong said.

Jessica Matthews added that it helps with muscle memory.

“He gives you simple stuff and if you do it well he gives you an A,” Troy explained. “Even if you mess up, you can still get an A, but if you don’t practice or don’t do the work in class, you fail. It’s kind of hard to fail though.”

At the beginning of class, students practice for “15 to 20 minutes tops” and have a lot of free time, according to Troy. Yong mentioned, the teacher “takes the class very seriously”.

“I’ve seen him one time only get mad that we were not in tempo,” Troy said.

Although, Matthews says it can be “ very stressful if you don’t know what you’re doing” others believe the class is fun.

“I think if you enjoy playing piano it can be fun for you or if you want to learn there is a lot of time to improve,” Yong stated.

Despite the class being easy, Yong stated that having some experience will help.

Students are graded on playing, worksheets, and the occasional test. And Matthews warns that you should be prepared for tests and learning new scales.

Troy enjoys the class because it’s “pretty chill.”

“Most of the time it’s free time or the work is super easy,” Troy said.