Health & Nutrition teaches skills for life


Photo by Jeremy Keith 2018.

Health & Nutrition is one of the most popular electives on campus and students agree it deserves its stellar reputation.

In class, students learn the basics of cooking and kitchen safety as well as nutritional information about what goes into their food. The grading system is based on class participation and cooking labs, and students are enthusiastic learners. 

Students say that they learn with worksheets and research projects. From there, they display what they’ve learned in cooking labs, where they follow and even create recipes. 

The only complain from students is that, because of its popularity, the classes are crowded. 

Most students agree, however, that Health & Nutrition is informative and fun.

Students have the opportunity to cook and prepare elaborate dishes in student groups. Students learn about ingredients and discover through hands-on learning how each one comes together to make a perfect dish. Students also learn the values of cooking safely as a team.