German offers unique opportunities for Hawaii students

Ka Leo Staff, Student Life

For students interested in taking a foreign language class, German is one choice of five language classes that Kalani High School provides. Even though Kalani doesn’t have a language requirement, many colleges expect students to have studied a language other than English for at least two years during high school. 

Students taking German believe its a great elective as its a language rich in culture and history.

In class, students learn vocabulary and conversational skills through fun activities such as Hangman and “cocktail parties” making the class entertaining and enjoyable according to several first-year German students explain.

“He’s a good teacher,” Karim Khan (11) stated. “It’s something different from other electives classes.”

One struggle some students face is staying on-task.

“It’s easy to get distracted,” Khan said. “So once you get distracted you kinda miss out on a lot of information that you need.”

Even though it’s not easy, students report that homework is minimal and the class is “doable” if you pay attention.

Lessons are held in German and students are expected to take notes and stay organized.

“At this point, I don’t even notice,” Ellida Greenall (9) shared. “It’s quite obvious what he’s saying because we know most of the words already.”