Spotlight on: Paulina Ruelas


Paulina Ruelas, a junior at Kalani High School, explains how she to manages swimming, bowling, relationships and a 4.0 GPA. Her mother Victoria Ruelas (left) is a teacher and coach at Kalani High School. Photo courtesy of P. Ruelas 2018.

Joleeya James, Features

Paulina Ruelas, a junior at Kalani High School, explains how she manages swimming, bowling, relationships, and a 4.0 GPA.

Ruelas is on the Kalani High School swim team as well as a club team. Ruelas claims swimming takes up two and a half hours Monday through Friday, three hours on Saturday.

Ruelas has been swimming competitively since she was 7, after being taught how to swim by her grandmother at just 2 years old.

But Ruelas only started competitive bowling since her freshman year of high school.

Ruelas finds it hard to skip swimming practice for bowling, but she has it all figured out.

“I would go to swim practice at 6:30 in the morning, and skip after school practice to go to bowling practice,” Ruelas said. “It’s hard because I like bowling more so it sucks when the [bowling] practice is mandatory.”

With the stress of bowling and swimming, Ruelas is still able to maintain a 4.0 GPA by doing all of her homework at night.

“I stay in my suit so it gives me motivation to hurry up and take a shower,” Ruelas said.

According to Ruelas’ friend Seif Mobasher, Ruelas is a great student.

“Paulina is very hardworking,” Mobasher said. “She did literally every single assignment, did not cheat once and then got a 5 [out of 5] on the test.”

The time before practice Ruelas chooses to spend with her boyfriend Rayne, a sophomore at Kalani who is also on the school’s swim team.

Ruelas is happy to have the support of her father and mother, Victoria Ruelas, a science teacher at Kalani and coach of the school swim team.

“She is very hard working,” her mother said. “She’s gonna go great places.”