AP Computer Science Principles opens wide the world of computers

Kenneth Wong, Student Life

Dr. Ida currently teaches AP Calculus and AP Computer Science. Next year, he is going to be teaching a new class called AP Computer Science Principles, which will offer a broad overview of all things related to computer science including coding, networking, security, binary, and anything else you can think of when you imagine a computer.

When you code, you need to think creatively and figure out how to put all the pieces of a puzzle together. It incorporates problem-based learning and students solve real-world problems. If you were to compare AP Computer Science Principles with AP Computer Science, AP Computer Science Principles covers a wider range of topics.

Now if you are wondering, are there any required courses needed to take this class? The short answer is No. Since coding is something that many people practice on their own, you don’t need a prior coding class to take AP Computer Science Principles.

“Anybody who has some little bit of computer programming experience, anybody who has that can take the class,” Dr. Ida says. “But if you have coding experience and you’re interested, then you can by all means come and see me and we can check it out for you.”

Several students in Dr. Ida’s intro classes are already looking forward to taking AP Computer Science Principles next year, he says. The class can benefit everyone, even those who do not plan on majoring in computer science in college. He says that students who want to learn more about technology and become more knowledgeable in that subject should enroll.

“Nowadays it’s good to know all you can about technology and how it works, and that’s what this class will give you,” Dr. Ida says.

This year, there are two AP Computer Science classes called AP Computer Science A and AP Computer Science B. AP Computer Science A is more focused on coding but next year it will be replaced by the new class, AP Computer Science Principles.