Paddling Wrap-Up

Trinh Tran, Sports

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The JV Girls’ Paddling team were able to overcome challenges this season to finish 9th overall at the OIA Championship race on Jan. 12.

“I’m so proud that the JV Boys, JV Girls, and JV Mix all made it to the championship,” Head Coach Marcus Edayan said with a big smile on his face.

The JV Girls started off rough, placing second-to-last in the Eastern Division for every race, 8th or 9th overall. During the last race to determine which schools would qualify for OIA Champs, the team pushed through the wind and water, paddling with all their strength.

During the race, Marley Ansai (9), the stroker, had to act fast and did a quick turn. She then picked up the pace for the rest to follow and the girls finished fast and strong.

”Even though we didn’t do that great we still tried our best and pushed hard,” Ansai said.

They placed 3rd in the Eastern Division and 6th overall, just making it to OIA.

Shae Makua (9) is the powerhouse, one of the most important roles in paddling. After the stroker picks up the pace, it’s up to the powerhouse to maintain it.

“The thing the JV Girls need to work on is timing because everyone is going at a different pace,” Makua said. “We need to paddle together.”

Most of the girls on the team were new. They didn’t win top three for the championship but they were still proud to just qualify.

”It was a great opportunity to bond with others and make new friends,” Ansai said.

Ending the season proud and happy with the progress they’ve made, many of the girls said they would be paddling again next year.

“We have next year to get better and compete,” Coach Marcus said.