The subcultures of subcultures in fashion

In the fashion world, the common casual appearance always evolves and changes, and new styles are invented or popularized, so every style ends up having a new interpretation.

Fashion subcultures begin to divide into even smaller subcultures of those subcultures. Many people who aren’t caring for fashion would even know about! Many STYLES? happen to be inspired by music genres, or movements.

Most fashion subcultures are considered alternative because of their diversion from the mainstream, which is changing almost every day. Its constant evolution often creates an even bigger subculture, which is why so many styles are similar. Most of these subcultures are more than simply a style of clothing or reflection of music genres, but a way of life.

Goth palette by Sophia Morton 2019.

Gothic fashion is very well known, however it gets mixed up with other subcultures frequently. It is often associated with having a very bad attitude and being a dark and evil person, which is usually false. The fashion itself usually uses dark colors, occult references, and touches of horror. It contains many sub-styles, such as Victorian goth, pastel goth, cybergoth, and many others.

Scene and Emo palette by Sophia Morton 2019.

Scene and Emo are early 2000s fashion subcultures that are frequently made fun of, and also get mixed up a lot. They are characterized by dark colors mixed with neons and have similar music inspirations. Scene focuses more on bright colors, while Emo is darker. Their differences are small but significant. One thing is for certain, though, most Scene and Emo kids like My Chemical Romance.

Punk palette by Sophia Morton 2019.

Punk started as a music genre, which had such a large influence that it became another well-known fashion style. A lot of it has imagery influenced by political activism, and is meant to stand out. Some signatures of the style are spikey, outlandish and colorful hairstyles, studs and chains.

Preppy palette by Sophia Morton 2019.

Preppy fashion is arguably one of the most unoriginal fashion styles. It is mostly inspired by uniforms for schooling and academic appropriate clothing. Usually, it has a clean-cut look and is notably simple yet nice on the eyes.

These are only a few well- known styles but there are hundreds and thousands more all over the globe, and they are all brilliant in their own way. They continue to influence each other over time, creating new subcultures and inspiring each other’s creations, all with the motivation to create a particular vibe and aesthetic.