Is Early College right for you?

This information is specifically for Kalani High School, conditions may vary.

Trinh Tran and Lauren Vierra


Before you do anything, you first have to see if you’re eligible. To qualify for Early College, you must:

  • Pass the SAT.
  • Have suitable grades.
  • Choose between Manoa Academy or KCC. 

For Manoa Academy, you may have to take the PSAT and/or ACT.

For KCC, you have to take the Accuplacer placement test, SBA, and/or ACT.

The Pros of Taking Early College:

Accessibility for a Wide Range of Students:

  • Early College is usually available online which means most people have easy access to the class. If you have a computer, online classes may work for you.
  • In many cases, you may not have to leave the comfort of your home or work. You go, couch-potato in the making!

Prepare for College:

  • Taking college classes in high-school does give you an advantage over peers who don’t.
  • If you get anxious about new things, this may help you transition from high school to college.

Money Savings:

  • Early College lets you take a college class for a fraction of the cost. What’s better than getting something for less?
  • says: “The average student loan borrower has $37,172 in student loans.”
Early College infographic made using Canva by Trinh Tran 2019.

Things to Note:

Remember, Don’t Take Early College If You Are:

  • Struggling in high school and have bad grades.
  • Sure you’re not going to college.
  • Applying only because your friends are also taking the class.
  • Uncertain of the rules and responsibility (i.e the responsibility of an actual college class that costs money).
  • Unsure about what you actually want — i.e. you don’t have a specific goal or plan.
  • Already enrolled in multiple Advanced Placement classes.

Early College Is New:

The Hawai’i Department of Education started early college programs in 2011. Kalani is one of a select group of public high schools to offer early college courses. ​In Honolulu, the only other schools with early college are Farrington High, Kaimuki High, McKinley High, and Roosevelt High.

In Short:

Early College is a privilege and may help you succeed. Taking early college class(es) is serious but can benefit you as a person and student.

Interested? Contact Kalani’s Early College Department at:

Susan Arashiro
College and Career Counselor
[email protected]

Sandra Yoshida
College and Career Counselor
[email protected]

Lisa Hayashi
College and Career Coordinator
[email protected]

Jason Tanaka
Dual Credit Coordinator – Early College/Running Start
[email protected]