Restoring Pu’u O Kaimuki Park

Cooper Endo, News

Upon hearing the words “Christmas Tree Park,” do any bells ring?

Perhaps thoughts about the park behind Kaimuki Fire Station known for its metal Christmas tree decorated with festive lights? Recently, volunteers from 808 Cleanups have been up at the park, hard at work to restore its natural beauty.

Michael Loftin, co-founder and executive producer of 808 Cleanups is up at Pu’u O Park a few days a week, sometimes with a small team of volunteers, working on making the park more enjoyable for everyone.

“They put up new lights, which is what made me want to help restore the park,” Loftin said in regards to the decorated tree.

The park’s official hours are 6:00 am to 6:00 pm, and well-liked for it’s view of the city. It’s a relaxing date spot and a fun park to take your dog for a walk.