Advice For Staying Motivated


A student watches “Finding Dori” on his iPhone through his Disney Plus subscription. Disney+ is a subscription video on-demand streaming service owned and operated by the Direct-to-Consumer & International division of The Walt Disney Company that allows users to watch content on their computers and mobile devices. Photo by Ka Leo staff 2019.

Nathan Lai-Hamada, Feature

In the times of COVID-19, we struggle every day with being stuck in our houses like caged animals. Some people fear going outside due to the risk.

This epidemic is very hard on us physically and mentally, so we need to find something to keep us motivated. People need the motivation to stay persistent in their everyday lives; you will give up with no drive.

Jasmine Sylva is a hard-working parent at the airport for TSA Hawaii. Overall, she says that the feeling of success in everyday life will help keep you motivated at home during this pandemic.”

“I keep myself motivated by keeping logs and check marks on my current goals for the day,” Sylva said. “The feeling of completing all of your goals is very satisfying. When I complete all of my goals, it feels like a giant weight off my shoulders.”

Sylva argues there is a way to keep yourself motivated even with COVID raging around the globe. This is something everyone can do to stay motivated.

Whether you make the checklists in your head, write it down, or have someone else remember, the feeling of accomplishment will keep you productive throughout your days at home.

“I like to reward myself when I do something while I’m at home,” middle school student Elijah LeBlanc said. “I always complete all my homework and do all my classes solely because I want to be able to play video games after. Sometimes I even get ice cream after I’m done.”

This motivation technique is similar to the first and derives from the feeling of success. After completing all of his tasks, LeBlanc rewards himself, and that reward creates a sense of success. Again, success is what motivates people to do these everyday repetitive tasks.

“To be completely honest, this epidemic is very hard on me mentally,” college student Christopher Caspillo said. “I’m a very outside person, but I try to stay inside as much as possible during this time. My motivation to do anything is at an all-time low.” said.

Caspillo suggests using your friends and social networks to help motivate you.

“There is one thing that is keeping me motivated throughout the epidemic — my friends,” he said. “The people around me who I would usually see every day are the ones motivating me.”

This technique is a situational one. Friends can help with aspiration; You aspire to hang out with your friends or do normal activities again, so you are motivated to make it through this grueling epidemic.

Overall, there are ways to keep yourself motivated in the challenging times ahead. Rewards, dreams, success, aspirations — all of these can help inspire you.

You can make it through this pandemic; all you need is a little motivation.