Pathways Exploration Embraces Student’s Passions


Students in the Pathway Exploration class establish personal goals and work toward seeking purpose through our Project Wayfinder curriculum. Photo by Ms. Omura.

Shea Brown and Eleni Cheng

Pathways Exploration, taught by Ms. Omura, lets students use their interests as inspiration to create change in the world.

“The class’s main purpose is, at least to me, to determine and pursue our passions as students and as people,” CJ Endo (10), writes.

In the first quarter, the class helps students explore their identities and things they “care deeply” about.

“Personally, this class is sooo beneficial to me,” Endo states. “Honestly, I don’t think anyone knows who the hell they are. I certainly don’t. But Ms. Omura’s class helps me find some form of identity in my passions. Plus, I get to try and make a difference, identify a need in this world, which I’m all about.” 

As the year progresses, the students work on a project based on their passions that promotes the “betterment of the world,” Endo says.

A normal class starts off with an engaging activity for your brain and body. Then, students use a  booklet to learn about themselves and others, Endo explains.

“This isn’t really a skill, but for this class, you really need to be open to the idea of becoming vulnerable, and learning how to express your thoughts,” Ella Matsui (10) states.

With a “spiritual” and “personal” learning environment, Pathways teaches lessons that go beyond a normal high school curriculum.

I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to create change in their community, as this course will give you the opportunity to do so,” Matsui says. “I feel this class will personally help me a lot in the future.”