Drawing & Painting Promotes Creative Expression

Drawing and Painting is an elective at Kalani that helps students improve their general art skills. Students also learn to use the seven elements of art: shape, color, form, value, line, texture, and space. 

“I look forward to art because it’s an outlet for me if I have a stressful day,” Sophia Garcia says.

Students are assigned one to two projects each quarter and are expected to work on them at their own pace. They are allowed to freely express themselves while meeting the criteria, students say. 

“I like seeing other people’s styles,” Garcia states. “I also want to improve my own art style.”

Mr. Mosher’s class helps students build their knowledge and skills of foundational art.  

“Mr. Mosher, he’s very straight to the point,” Isabelle Topacio comments. “He tells you what to do and he is brutally honest about what you need to improve on.”