Freshman’s thoughts on sports

Daniel Shiraki, Sports

Sports are a big part of high school, so what do freshmen think about this new experience?

Parker Smith (9) plays soft tennis this Fall and plans to play tennis in the Spring. He was a part of the golf club in middle school, which he described as “not very competitive.”

“I enjoy playing competitions and winning, but if I don’t win, then it’s fun because of the competition,” Smith. “I enjoy it when it’s an equal playing field and not one side dominating the other even if I am the one dominating.”

He said there are more practices and more tournaments in high school tennis, so he doesn’t mind going to practice to get ready for the matches.

Jesse Jongs (9) does not currently play any sports at Kalani.

He says that he only plays a little bit of basketball and tennis in his free time, and he has no plans to join a school team.

“I feel like high school sports is very competitive, and people honestly take it too seriously,” Jongs said. “I feel like my mind might change later, but for now, that’s what I personally think.”

Justin Camerlingo (9) also doesn’t play any sports.

Camerlingo said the only time he ever played a team sport was when he was 10. He said now he occasionally plays basketball with his friends at the park for fun.

“It’s just not fun like some sports games are fun, but most aren’t,” Camerlingo said. “I do enjoy some highlights, though.”

When asked if he would watch any Kalani sports games, Camerlingo said he probably wouldn’t since he barely even watches professional sports.