Nagata is Freshmen Representative


Daniel Shiraki

Mason Nagata is the only freshman on the student leadership team at Kalani High School.

Daniel Shiraki, Student Life

Mason Nagata is a freshman at Kalani High School and an important part of freshman leadership as the only freshmen representative.

“I’m considered the freshman representative because I go to the inter-class meetings,” Nagata said.

The meetings are meant to share what events classes are doing and to set up school-wide events. In the meetings, Nagata’s job is to come up with ideas and to share what the freshman leadership is doing.

“I think I’m doing a good thing and that I’m able to come up with ideas that people would enjoy,” Nagata said.

Freshmen don’t have a period 2 class like other leadership students so, as Mason puts it, it is a little bit “tricky.” 

“It is harder with no class period, but we make do and find the little nooks and crannies to do work,” Nagata said.

Nagata first got into the realm of freshman representative after he attended the first homecoming meeting on the advice of Mr. Higa, the freshman counselor.

“I guess they liked me so they invited me back and when introducing people they introduced me as the freshman representative,” Nagata said. ”Then I started attending the meetings whenever they happened.”

Kouki Oda (9), his assistant, or close friend, describes him as someone who is “extroverted,” “organized,” and “mostly responsible.”

“Occasionally he forgets things and I have to remind him, but overall I would say he’s responsible,” Oda said.

Oda believes Nagata is a good fit to be the freshman representative because of his personality.

“I plan to run for class president next year,” Nagata said. “I am excited and want to do it.”