Kaiser vs. Kalani: break or bond?

Grace Won, Sports

On Friday, Oct. 7, starting around 6 p.m. after the JV football game, there will be a Kaiser vs. Kalani High School Varsity Football game at the Kaiser High School football field. The event will take around 2-3 hours with various events, such as the game itself, a pep rally, and food stands.

The entrance fee is $8, and tickets must be purchased electronically beforehand through Ticket Spicket.  

Food will be provided for purchase behind the benches where the audience will be situated, and prices range from $2-$8 for each item. Nachos, hotdogs, and canned sodas will be sold to anyone watching the game. 

Students say the rivalry between the two schools is becoming more intense as the game day approaches.

“I’ve never been to any games before, but I think it will be more fun cause we’re like the two main schools who are always compared.” Brynne Chai (9) says. “I’m honestly not sure, but I heard Kalani is a better school when it comes to sports, so I’m just gonna say we’ll win.” 

Some students said the opposing team may even win or cut a close tie. 

“I hope Kaiser wins the game!” Kaiser student Ella Petrini (9) says. “We did pretty good at the last game, so I’m pretty positive that we’ll do well this time too. However, we sucked at the first game, so it could be close.”

Will this game be an opportunity for school bonding? Or will it become a new reason for a continued feud? 

Come to the game on Oct. 7 at the Kaiser High School football field to find out!