Destiny 2 Satisfies Fans


Destiny 2 Official Release Poster.

Vincent Wang, Entertainment Writer

With the release of Destiny 2 just last week on Sept. 6, both Xbox One and PS4 players alike have rushed online to play this amazing new game. With this being a sequel, both veteran players of Destiny 1 and new players have been looking forward to this release. Now, unfortunately for PCpc players, the release won’t come out for another month and a half.

So far Destiny 2 is a lot of fun, with an interesting campaign, stellar co-op, and a ton of endgame content with more still to come.

Destiny 2 made sure that they didn’t repeat the same mistakes they made in Destiny 1 and really improved in areas where the prequel failed at.  

My friends and I were huge fans of Destiny 1 and am enjoying Destiny 2 a lot now. Ryota Katayama said: “Destiny 2 is a fun and thrilling experience that keeps you awake for hours on end.”

The only gripe that many other players and I have are about the shaders (cosmetic items) with them being changed from the prequel from a permanent use to a one-time use. This change was met with disapproval from the players and was a bad play but criticism on this died down quickly as it wasn’t too big of a problem.

All in all Destiny 2 is a great game and you should buy it if you haven’t already.