Quarterback Tina A Humble Star


Photo by Chloe Anzai 2017.

Many students in high school are quick to judge. When they think of The Quarterback they think conceited, rude, and totally full of himself.

But that’s not the case with Seth Tina, the quarterback of Kalani’s Varsity Football team. He is humble, kind, and a little shy.

He started playing football at a young age. “When I was little my parents thought I was tough enough to handle it,” Seth said.

Photo by Chloe Anzai 2017.

Seth plans to go to junior college after high school to raise his GPA, then he wants to go to a “big” school.

“I want to go to the next level of education and football,” Seth said.

The first interaction I had with Seth Tina was in math class. We started off as just classmates, but then we talked, although I didn’t want to at first… 

I didn’t want to talk to him because it’s very intimidating talking to the quarterback.

When I first started interviewing Seth I felt nervous because I was afraid I would say something wrong and make him feel uncomfortable or make him not want to finish the interview.

Photo by Chloe Anzai 2017.

It took a while for him to open up. 

A couple weeks ago, he couldn’t play. He felt terrible. “I wish I was out there,” Seth said.

Seth is not only humble, he is also confident. “I can’t say we’d win, but we’d improve,” Seth said when I asked how the game would’ve been affected if he had played.

He was funny and shy. The conversation was nothing like I expected.