Justice League: A Review


Warner Brothers publicity poster 2017.

Directors: Zack Snyder

Screenplay: Chris Terrio and Joss Whedon

Story by: Chris Terrio and Zack Snyder

Budget: $300 million

Fun fact: Justice League is the second-most-expensive film ever made

Synopsis: With Superman (Henry Cavill) dead, the world is unprotected, so Batman (Ben Affleck) and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot)  must unite a league of superheroes to defend against an unknown force. Steppenwolf (Ciarán Hinds), a New God and minion of Darkseid (who isn’t in the movie) is attacking earth and going after pieces of ancient, yet sophisticated technology, hidden around the world and the Justice League must stop him before he is able to turn earth into an exact mirror of his homeworld Apocalypse.

Review: In this film, Batman notices that aliens, or “winged evil bat vampires” as they’re called in the movie, are kidnapping people. Batman manages to track one down and tries to interrogate the creature. However, chaos ensues and he’s unable to gain any useful knowledge except for one word “motherbox.”

Realizing this pandemonium is beyond what he alone can handle, Batman tracks down potential allies to join his league of heroes. He persuades Wonder Woman to help convince these heroes to join the Justice League and defend earth.

Batman’s list of recruits include: Barry Allen AKA The Flash (Ezra Miller) cough, cough The Flash cough, the best superhero ever, cough; Arthur Curry AKA Aquaman oooo he can talk to fish (Jason Momoa) and Cyborg AKA Victor “Vic” Stone (Ray Fisher ), who is one of the smartest people in the DC universe – yay nerd knowledge.

Before becoming the Flash, Barry Allen was a regular guy who accidentally got covered in chemicals and struck by lightning, thus turning him into a human that can move at super speeds and, eventually, time travel. All Barry wants to do in life is become a forensic analyst and prove that his dad (who is currently in jail) is innocent and didn’t murder his mother. In this movie, Barry is a lonely, awkward, high-functioning person who understands most things except “how humans work”. He also “doesn’t get brunch”. He may come across as the least accomplished hero out of all of the characters in the Justice League universe, but he’s more grounded and easier to relate to than the traditional superheroes. In this film, the Flash becomes a better hero because of the events that happen in Justice League, bringing him on par with his peers.

Arthur Curry is half Atlantean and half human and can talk to the water “which talks to the fish” (yes they really said that in the movie). Anyway, so his whole mission in this movie is to help a small village in Iceland and sorta protect Atlantis even though he doesn’t care too much about Atlantis. Jason Momoa turned a character I always used to laugh at into a badass which I really like because Aquaman can be lame.

Cyborg is a man who got into a car crash that killed his mother and basically killed everything except his brain and head. But his brain and head were all his dad needed to build him a robot body using the technology he made by studying the motherbox. Cyborg starts off as a man who’s scared of going outside because he’s constantly evolving. First, he can access every news, government, and personal network by using his upgraded brain. He then upgrades further and learns to fly. And when his father is kidnapped, he builds a gun into his arm and attacks Steppenwolf and his parademons.

Wonder Woman or Diana Prince, a woman who needs no introduction due to her own movie (but if you didn’t see it, I will give a brief description). Wonder Woman was a princess of the Amazons and wanted to be a warrior but her mother wouldn’t let her be trained so Diana convinced her aunt, the island’s greatest warrior, to train her. Years later Diana’s mother found out and had every warrior on the island train her and it’s a good thing, too, because Germans from WW1 had found the island of Themyscira and killed lots and lots of Amazons, including Diana’s aunt. While this invasion was going on Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) crashed on Themyscira and was taken prisoner and told them about what was happening in the outside in the world. As the events of Wonder Woman commence Wonder Woman loses more friends and becomes a hollow hermit and stops being Wonder Woman and just lives with humanity in England.

Justice League wasn’t nearly as bad as critics and other fans said but it definitely had a lot of missteps. They were everywhere. But I still think it was awesome.

I saw it with my dad who said that the characters were very underdeveloped, which I definitely agree with, but that part didn’t matter too much because I’m a giant nerd and all I cared about was THE JUSTICE LEAGUE GOT A DAMN MOVIE. Albeit a bit rushed.

I would definitely recommend it, even if you don’t know comics. But if you haven’t watched Man of Steel, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Wonder Woman and then you should. Then you’ll be all caught up. I definitely agree it could’ve been better but it still rocked!