Expedia’s Travel Channel: A Review

Expedia YouTube

Riley McCurtain, Entertainment

You may be surprised to learn that Expedia, the global travel company, has a Youtube channel. Not only that, the videos are extremely popular and feature useful information and high-quality photography.

Expedia “One Day In…” shows take viewers to different places around the globe. The videos show beautiful photography of exotic travel destinations and tell potential visitors what to see and do there.

The video that I like in particular is “One Day In Singapore” because it explains the history of that island city-state and gives travelers helpful tips. It has over 122,000 views and lots of positive viewer comments.

“I swear this city looks like you’ve jumped into the future!” one commenter wrote. “Awesome! Also, what is the music playing in this video?”

Expedia’s travel shows will make you want to visit new places all around the world.