Kalani Breaks into the Top 100 Schools in America

Jett Neeley, News

On Friday, Nov. 9 Principal Otani informed faculty and staff that Kalani was selected for the top 100 best public high schools. Kalani ranked number 88 and was one of two Hawai’i schools to make the list. The other was Mililani at number 87.

The website who creates the rankings is thebestschools.org. They have 11 criteria for choosing which schools make the grade including student graduation rate, student reviews, facilities, clubs, and activities.

Kalani got on the list for many reasons but was singled out for its academics.

“In addition to a classic curriculum, students may choose to take courses that may lead to dual or early college credits,” thebestschools.org said. “Kalani High School offers 15+ Advanced Placement courses. The University of Hawaii system has partnered with Kalani High School so that junior and senior students may attend college courses for dual credit.”

Students seem to agree that Kalani was deserving of the award.

I think it’s one of the top academic schools in the state,” Kalani Senior Class President Steve Dole (12) said. “I think students who go here are very fortunate to have such a great public education.”

Students who have had the chance to attend other local schools say Kalani distinguishes itself.

“The culture is really different from Punahou,” Kalani student Elise Miyahara (12), a recent transfer from Punahou said. “I am not surprised because Kalani is actually a really great school.”

The faculty is as impressed as the students.

“I thought it was surprising,” Ms. Miyahira said, a teacher and graduate of Kalani. “My first question was, ‘What were the parameters?’ I’m also really proud. I think it’s deserving, and I think our school has improved in a lot of ways, and it’s nice for the students to be recognized.”

McKinley High School’s student body president, Jett Kaler (12) said he has seen Kalani grow over the last four years. He sees the student body making an impact in the future and hopes that McKinley will be able to join Kalani and do the same.

“Kalani High School has proven to be successful in many ways,” Kaler said. “They’ve flourished in academics, thrived in athletics, and [are] known to have a student population filled with excellence and professionalism.”