Learn to play the piano!


Laakea Nishimoto

Eric Chan (10) works on his Christmas Recital during his Period 6 Piano class.

One of the electives here at Kalani is piano, and students say they love the independent, project-based work environment. 

Anna Su (12) has taken the class all four years at Kalani.

“You learn the basics of piano and how you place your hands,” Anna Su (12) says. 

The piano teacher is lenient with the grading and only expects you to have an understanding, according to students. You don’t have to play fast; instead, accuracy is emphasized.

All the students interviewed for this article say they are happy with the grading system. 

“We just had a playing test, and I messed up about three times, but [the teacher] graded it on how well you knew what and how to play,” Eddie Wheeler (12) says.

The class is for disciplined students. Su says it’s a great class if you like independent assignments and working alone.

Mr. Onishi has been teaching piano for the last two years and says the class is “fun” to teach. 

“I love teaching piano because it is open to everyone and everybody,” Onishi says. 

 The piano class is a relaxing class where people can escape some of the stressors of school and learn how to play an instrument.