Latin at Kalani Alta Schola

Olivia Kulaga and Riko Yamaki

Salve, quid agis? 

If you didn’t know, that translates to “Hi, how are you?” in Latin. This might just be one of the many phrases you’ll learn in Latin class. 

Lauren Vierra (12), a student in Latin 3 describes the class as being a “monolith of many things” including learning about Latin language, mythology, grammar, games, and many fun projects. 

“Latin 1 was reading from a book with peers, vocab and projects like comics books or any project you think will fit into the assignment,” Vierra said.

A pro that Vierra mentioned is that the class has no homework, only in-class assignments. The class also starts off with everyone chatting about what’s going on in their day.

“When hearing about other people’s lives, you feel more connected to the class,” Vierra said. 

While not the most popular language class at Kalani, Vierra explains that the class can be helpful in the future because Latin is heavily incorporated into the English language.

“It can help for the ACT and SAT in English for comprehension for a lot of the bigger words will have lots of roots in Latin so you’ll be able to decipher it a little bit,” Vierra said.

Vierra also explains that she thinks the class can help students improve their social skills, especially when talking to those of authority.

The class is taught by Ms.Yoshina-Nguyen and Vierra describes her as “the sweetest person ever.” She also says that Ms. Yoshina-Nguyen deeply cares about her students.

“She’s just so encouraging and empathetic,” Vierra said. “She can read the room pretty well. She’s flexible with students.”

Vierra says that she “undoubtedly” looks forward to the class and she highly recommends it for everyone who’s looking for a welcoming class.

“Take the class,” Vierra said. “You won’t be disappointed!”